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  • Puncture type T indexing probe
  • Puncture type T indexing probe

Puncture type T indexing probe

Changzhou Ousike Special Cable Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high temperature resistant compensation wires for thermocouples, (fine) armored thermocouples, platinum resistance, electric heaters, armored thermocouple cables, intelligent temperature (PID) regulators, nickel-chromium -Enterprises of precious metal compensation wires such as gold and iron. It is an integrated enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, and continuously absorbs, integrates domestic and foreign advanced science ...
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Puncture type T indexing probe

The thermocouple temperature measurement part has a pointed tip, which can be used to measure semi-solid materials, with a handle for easy grasping, and other indexing thermocouples can also be customized.

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