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Armored thermocouple cable

Armored thermocouple cable

Changzhou Ousike Special Cable Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high temperature resistant compensation wires for thermocouples, (fine) armored thermocouples, platinum resistance, electric heaters, armored thermocouple cables, intelligent temperature (PID) regulators, nickel-chromium -Enterprises of precious metal compensation wires such as gold and iron. It is an integrated enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, and continuously absorbs, integrates domestic and foreign advanced science ...
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Armored thermocouple cable

The function of the thermocouple with the compensation wire is to extend the cold end of the hot electrode, that is, the mobile thermocouple, and connect it to the display instrument to form a temperature measurement system.

This product is equivalent to the international standard "IEC584-3" and the product quality is better than the national standard "GB4989-85". The insulating layer and the protective layer are made of imported high-quality fluoroplastics, and adopt a new continuous continuous extrusion process, which makes the product have excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, abrasion and non-combustibility, and can be used in oil and water for long-term use.

The use temperature is -60 ~ 205 ~ 260 ℃, which belongs to the advanced international level.

The products are mainly used in various temperature measurement devices, and have been widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, light textile and other industries as well as national defense, scientific research and other departments.

The main technical indicators of compensating wire types are divided into: SC, KC, KX, EX, JX, TX, NX, among which:

a) The letters of the model number correspond to the graduation number of the thermocouple;

b) The letter "X" indicates an extended compensation lead

c) The letter "C" indicates a compensation type compensation lead Note: SC type compensation leads can be used with R-type indexing thermocouple compensation leads, armored thermocouples, high temperature resistant wires, and precious metal wires, etc.

Established in 1986, our factory is an integrated enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, bringing together a group of professional and technical talents. While continuously absorbing, merging domestic and foreign advanced technology and innovative ideas, it keeps up with international Riptide has always adhered to quality, and was rated as "Top Ten Enterprises" in 2000. It has established good reputation with many large domestic enterprises for many years. Welcome new and old customers to visit us.

product description:

One. High temperature resistant compensation wire

(1) Compensating wire for PTFE insulated thermocouple Model: SCKCKXEXJXNXTX Standard: GB4989-94 (corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant) Temperature range: -40 ℃ ~ + 250 ℃

(2) Multi-stranded flexible wires and non-standard small specifications including glass wool insulated compensation wires

(3) Platinum resistance lead wire, radiation-resistant compensation wire

(4) MF-500 high temperature resistant wire

two. Thermocouple lead

(1) Temperature resistance: -60 degrees-+250 degrees

(2) Uses: It can be used as armored thermocouple lead-out wire, assembling extension wire of thermocouple, and can be used to make pressure spring thermocouple.

(3) Available for indexing: ketjs [IEC standard]

three. Production of various indexed armored thermocouple materials *** Small diameter 0.5mm

four. Customized high temperature resistant wire with various specifications, high temperature resistance 400 °

Fives. K-type thermocouple measuring line (with socket)

six. Platinum resistance PT100 lead wire

Seven. High temperature resistant braided wire such as nickel-clad copper, pure nickel

Eight. Armored thermocouple Φ0.5mmΦ1.0mmΦ1.5mm and so on.

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